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HINATA UV Whitening Milk

None of us should underestimate the importance of using sun screen on daily basis. If you want to protect your skin from damage of sunlight, sun screen is the only solution, and everyone should start using it at as early age as possible. Because this is very important for everyone, we selected the best product: it does not only protect your skin from sunlight damage, but also there is essential element to prevent your skin from having acnes, spot, freckles (by controlling excess generation of melanin). We get rid of harmful chemical ingredients as much as we can, our product is paraben free, ethanol free, no preservative ingredients, uncolored and unscented. Most importantly, we set our product reasonable price, because we understand very well that sun screen is necessary for everyone and we want everyone to be able to keep the routine.

The product is available at Amazon Japan for our Japan customers and at our Online Shop for Cambodia customers.