Women should be always beautiful
regardless of life stages.

Our Motto

Hinata Ito is a mother of 2 boys. She is very passionate in beauty and make-up. She studied make-up and is certified as professional make-up artist in Singapore before she moved to Japan. Her passion in beauty and make-up has never lessened by the responsibilities as a mother, instead the make-up time is the only escape time that energizes her from tiring house works. Hinata firmly believes that all women deserve to be always beautiful, so she setup HINATA LLC to be a pipe connecting Japan quality cosmetics to all women around the world, starting from Asian countries.

Beauty makes women confident, confidence makes women shine, and the more woman shines the happier she is and so is her family.

Beauty can be created, it requires correct understanding of skin care, a little bit of effort to keep routine and a set of good products (not expensive products). “HINATA” offers essential skin care products to keep women shine and beautiful at reasonable price. HINATA is also sharing good tips to keep your skin care routine and good knowledge about right products.

We believe that geography should not be the reason for disparity of beauty. Whatever we do is for the happiness of all women, especially all our moms out there who all deserve to be beautiful.